Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I may end up with white hair
But not past 30

I do not think about kids
Or money
I think I will be fine
I think ill have pleny
I hope I am wrong about my predications
But these are the things I believe for protection

10 more years isn’t a long time,
I am only 20
And this is 2015
I had to make a decision
To relinquish my life vision
To not make incisions
Only decision
That will help me breath

To not make incisions only decisions
To let the ones in my heart heal

I need to stiches to heal
Heed as I stitch my life together
Bear witness to a momentary phoenix
In a tired state of smolder
After the torching of the fire
Bear witness to a fresh page
Bear witness as I testify my oath

I swear to never forget I am mortal
To never test that mortality myself
I swear to endure the forces of this life
And like a glass blower to make art out of grit
To make sense out of senseless shit
So that we harness the fire now
And only in this life and not the next

I swear I will learn how to breathe
To let oxygen fuel fire to be a meteor 
Burn like Audre
Burn the poison from my body and sweat words

So that words pour out of my pores
So that my hardness is refined and melted
For gold
Capping teeth 
Tying knots
Filling cracks in the hearts wells

I pray these words linger just long enough to help you find
The courage I never had
And for the universe
To nod 
And say
You are protected 

Let my words pour
Let them pour like light
I want to be light
I want to be light

I want to be light

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