Friday, November 8, 2013

lest we forget the forgotten

lest we forget
all those not white enough to be mourned for
those victims whose names you will never recite
body count sky high
sky could no longer hold them
so you tried to shrink their deaths
into numbers
lest we forget
the countries where you have hidden your sins:
afghanistan, iraq, vietnam
nuclear ash on flander's fields
oil pipelines between the crosses
the dead still feel earth trembling
wondering when it will stop
lest we forget
opium wars
honoured with a blood stained poppy 
that you wear across your chest
a reminder of all those killed
by your imperialist tanks
a reminder of countless charred bodies 
who were denied life
worthless life
worth less life
lest we forget
i'm trying to remember
the daughters of mohamed wazir:
murdered while they slept
an entire generation
now shrouded in white
buried with their country
why do you say 
lest we forget
when they have already forgotten 

- Aysha

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