Wednesday, July 24, 2013

rant re: radfemmes

Everyone, especially people who consider themselves "radical feminists" needs to piss off with their attitude towards women who dress modestly. Your arguments that modesty are actually a result of patriarchy, and that women who dress modestly are somehow subservient to years of patriarchal tradition is in and of itself patronizing and untrue. That is actually taking a reactionary position. I'm sorry if you are/were shamed about the way that you dress, or are/were forced to "cover up". (I'm not here to judge anyone who dresses differently). However that has not been my (and many other) women's experience. Asserting that the concept of modesty (in any form) is "disgusting" is a PRODUCT of patriarchy and asserts the Western hegemonic narrative. You are undermining my knowledge of my own religion (or others personal beliefs) as well as assuming that I am intellectually incapable of interpreting my religion in a way that is NOT patriarchal (rather I find it empowering). In this hypersexualized society where women are objectified in EVERY way, I feel more comfortable when people cannot see my body. It's bad enough to have ACTUAL patriarchy police women's bodies, but to add women (esp. those who are "feminists") to that list is just sad. I don't understand why people feel ENTITLED to comment on what women wear/don't wear. I choose what parts of my body people can see, I choose WHO can see it. Please understand that. 

*side note* Islamically, the concept of modesty applies to both women AND men.

- Arshia

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