Sunday, May 10, 2015

Let's take a moment to appreciate all the mothers[/caregivers] that have built civilizations everywhere;
Let's take a moment to appreciate the ones who have lost children to police brutality;
Who have had to take up work that dehumanizes them to lift their children out of murky waters;
Who have crossed precarious borders;
Who have burnt borders;
Who have faced incarceration;
Who have faced marginalization;
Who have been abused;
Who misplace their anger;
Who make mistakes;
Who make art;
Who are art;
Who have complicated relationships with their partners;
Who fight for us;
Who break binaries;
Who build knowledge;
And let us take a moment to pray for those mothers[/caregivers] who have done their time on this Earth. May God grant them the highest level of paradise and may God ease the difficulties who are going through loss right now. Women are so freaking great.

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