Monday, September 26, 2016

be mindful

be mindful of the images shared on social media. be mindful of whose hearts might sink deeper into their chests because of the things we post. be mindful of the information we are sharing and whether or not it is true. be mindful of the fact that some videos or images may be better left unshared out of respect, love, and dignity for the people involved. out of respect for communities we may not be a part of. be mindful that we are not perpetuating pain. perpetuating stereotypes. perpetuating falsehood. find ways to convey information that don't contribute to dehumanization. be mindful of our humanity.


Your mind has rights over you, nourish it.
Your body has rights over you, be gentle with it.
Your heart has rights over you, protect it.
Your soul has rights over you - it's inclination is towards Good. Give it Purpose.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


longing consumes me
she is in my breath
inside my fingertips
she is on my heart
clenching it
every time my thoughts stray to you
like a noose around my neck
she holds me in such painful ways
i let her strangle me
because soon i'll stop feeling
but i'm immortal
and longing continues to possess me