Saturday, September 19, 2015

8 Reasons Drake is a more palatable candidate than all the existing candidates:

1. He’s a person of colour
2. Related to 1 above, he wears his beard in solidarity with the plight of Muslims. In fact rumour has it that is name is actually Drake Mohammed Drizzy but he keeps his half Muslim identity under wraps to win the election.
3. He has shown considerable on the ground work for lower and lower-middle class Muslims in important political initiatives like subsidizing Habibiz Sheesha Lounge, proving that he does not believe that Muslim Middle Eastern practices are barbaric and is open to supporting the larger multiculti agenda
4. He is aware of the plight of people with disabilities given that he was shot in Degrassi and has been stuck in a wheelchair until the drop of his first album
5. Related to this, Drake does not show stigma to people with mental health issues and has stated publicly that he was “running through the six with his woes” and “you know how that [stuff] goes”, illustrating that he is not only able to work with the rest of us in federal policies that will mediate the degenerative mental health effects of capitalism, but that he has experienced them
6. He performed in Ryerson as a show of solidarity with students because he started from the bottom now he’s here [and he knows that #osap #struggle]
7. He bases his stances and initiatives that relate to women, specifically women of colour on recommendations that his partner, Serena Williams has made. Serena Williams does not acknowledge shrieking white fans but she does acknowledge fans of colour based on years of racial antagonism on the field
8. I’m just saying he can do better

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