Thursday, April 9, 2015

for farkhunda

what compels a man
to do the things he does
what poison enters his heart
that makes him so cruel to me
even when i shield my face from him
he still finds a way 
to hurt parts of me i cannot see
dear man
when the rivers went dry
we wept until you had enough to drink
and when your stomach ached from hunger
we cut from our flesh
until you were satisfied
and when the foreigners came for you
we stretched out our bodies to defend you
and when they murdered you
we raised our hands to the heavens
and prayed for you
and when they spoke ill of you
we rallied the entire country 
to honour you
dear man
when you said to us
every soul will taste death
we did not know 
it is only in death
a woman's soul will finally feel peace

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