Friday, May 16, 2014

al-hurriya: prayer for rain

don’t come to me with tasbeeh
chained around your neck
don’t speak to me in sermons
false clairvoyance

i have been owned

don’t come to me with negligence
wrapped in du’aas
tipped with poison

it’s been a long mile
since i’ve had rain in
my hair

you, who make supplication
soaked in blood of unclaimed

you, who accept gold over
a whore’s repentance

you you you
who shoot kill burn martyr
in the name of god
carve new gods
out of
       trading lush graves
       for the idolater’s throne

la ilaha illallah

i have been to
the devil’s mouth
and back

i have returned
i have become
                       i am


and i will take no prisoners
in my compassion

so don’t come to me with prayer beads

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