Monday, November 23, 2015


sitting on my bed watching the snow fall from the sky & gently make contact with the ground. a feeling of peace enters me. its been tough, the world is cruel, my people are suffering, but there is good and i’m holding on to it. preggo aunt still blushes every time you stroke her belly. 25 new family members migrated from the motherland & are finally settled in to new homes. netflix & tea. the friends that fill your heart with love to the rim. aunty at the drive thru complimenting my shalwar. my abnormal half making memories in ethiopia. my normal half exhibiting strength & courage. that moment in early may when you finally thought 'ok, things are going to get better' and you’ve trained yourself to return to that feeling whenever you feel low. there is khair all around you. praise god under your breath & tuck yourself in. sweet dreams. 

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