Friday, January 16, 2015


This piece was written by Sania Sufi, a contributing member of Diaspora Defiance.
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Oh my daughter, you have not arrived yet. But this heart holds so many prayers for you.

Oh my daughter, know that you are amongst His beloved. You will question existence, and I pray your questioning leads you back to Him.

This life is beautiful and your existence is a semblance of such beauty. Do you not hear the birds glorifying their Creator in the morning? And do you not see love in relationships He has placed in your life? Do you see the variegated flowers amongst gardens? See how they are able to bloom together, despite difference in appearance.

Know that every bruise, ache, wound, is His path for you to a more cognizant, more wholesome existence. You may not know, oh light of my life, but He knows. This Divine truth I must teach you.

My daughter, you will find His love in the most unexpected of places. Sometimes in growth that comes with adversity, sometimes in solace, sometimes in the company of others. Remember these multifaceted mediums of love, even at life’s worst. May it remind you of His purpose for you.

Become familiar with your core, your foundations, your sense of self. Laugh, smile, reflect, cry, grow, love.

Your imperfections are what make you beautiful. They provide a road map of your history, your narrative, your growth, your future. Take pride in this.

Oh my daughter, let me now prepare you for the greater jihad.

My daughter, there are those in this world who will cast your feminity as powerless. Their deceit is cunning. But you must remember one Divine truth: it is the flower that repeatedly blooms despite adverse seasons.

Be brave my daughter. You must walk through life as a warrior. Tread lightly. Softly. Do not let adversity triumph your right to happiness. But should you encounter a thorny path, do not forget the spear of truth, embodied in the brilliance of your intellect and in the boldness of your voice.

Meri jaan – how I wish it were not so – but you will undoubtedly learn of oppression. And when you do, do not forget the millions of others who travel in the same boat as you. Draw connections between your struggles, and do not forget the resilience present amidst your gathering.

When life distracts you from life’s path, you must remember and trust your fitrah. Take from the teachings of your traditions and those before you, for there is wisdom in them.

Know that you represent His amanah, and never forget this responsibility. Let this honor remind you of the respect and worth that you deserve, and never demand less. Let this honor also remind you of the rights people have over you. Live righteously, and be an example to those around you.May you embody the unwavering taqwa and yaqeen of Aasiyah, the curiosity of Ayesha, the wisdom of Khadijah, the empathy of Muhammad, the conscience of Umar, the beauty of Bilal, and the knowledge of Nafisa.

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